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A caretta caretta found heavily wounded in the Marmara province of Çanakkale last year has recovered after undergoing a second surgery and is waiting to be set free to the sea again, Doğan News Agency reported on May 17. 

The caretta caretta, named “Dilek” (wish), restored its health after undergoing a treatment called “honey therapy,” the first to be implemented on a reptile in Turkey. 

The sea turtle was named after a little girl who found it.

The sea turtle was found in October 2016 on a shore in Çanakkale and was taken under treatment in the Çanakkale 18 March University Hospital. Following its first medical treatment, the turtle was taken to Sea Life in Istanbul, Turkey’s first and only Turtle Rehabilitation Center, for a detailed examination in Istanbul. A fatal cut on the turtle’s head was treated in the first part of its treatment. The turtle was then given antibiotics. 

In the second part of the treatment, the turtle’s fractured skull bone was treated by a medical team formed by six veterinarians. 

İlker Tülek, one of the vets, said the honey was used as a filling, adding that honey was used throughout history to cure wounds.  

“Keeping the bones strong and secure is hard because of the sturdiness of reptiles’ skulls. So, we used honey as a filling material in gaps between the broken bones in the skull,” he said.

Çağdaş Güven Işık, an employee at Sea Life, said Dilek will be released to the sea after four weeks.

“Dilek’s recovery period was very productive. Dilek is ready to go back to the sea after two surgeries and months of hard work,” he said.


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