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‘Welcome to Miami’

On Saturday, after getting off the ship, we set off for the South Beach where our hotel was located. Before coming here, we had already estimated the approximate taxi fee. You can do this by writing the addresses and finding the distance between them. It cost us 75$ from the port to the Down Town hotel, the one we stayed at. We were a little dissatisfied with the hotel because it was pretty close to the noisy places like beach parties and night clubs at the city center. In addition, the housekeepers didn’t know English. What they offered for the breakfast was same every day; there weren’t many flavors to choose from. After we left our stuff at the hotel, we went to the Lincoln Road to eat something. This is a popular road, so we decided to hang around there. We attended a crowded, but entertaining day party.

The next day, we rented bicycles and I guess it was the world’s most enjoyable thing. We cycled from Ocean Drive through Nikki Beach, watching around. It is not that far to the South Beach, you don’t feel tired; therefore, there is no need for you to rent a car and pay for an extra parking fee. Besides, you pay an extra parking fee at the hotel. At our hotel, it was 34$ daily. Afterwards, we went to the Espanola Way, a small Spanish street that everyone recommended us to visit. We ate Tapas there. Then, we returned to our hotel, left our bicycles and went to the Lincoln Road directly. It has a popular city atmosphere. Trend-tracing people at this road usually hang around with their generally tiny dogs. We were too exhausted to go out at night as a result of starting the day early. All we wanted was to go to the hotel to relax after the diner.

On our third day, we rented a car to visit faraway places. (If you rent your car while doing your vacation planning, you can get more reasonable prices.) We rented our car by using Korhan’s English driving license because I had lost my wallet, then set off for the Saw Grass Mill. This place is an outlet shopping mall where many of the world’s top brands are brought together under the same roof.

While some stores give little discounts on new season products, some have high discounts on their old season ones. When we realized we were getting hungry, we headed for the Cheesecake Factory. We enjoyed their delicious cheesecakes. After we finished our shopping, we went to Seminole, which is in a casino and where the world’s most popular cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, is situated. Honestly, I was really impressed. You can see the belongings of famous people there, such precious belongings like costumes, records, accessories, writings, musical instruments… As we were getting tired, we wanted to get to the hotel quickly and rest for tomorrow.

As for our fourth day, we went to the Aventura Mall as there were things we wanted to buy. This place is just like our regular shopping malls. Afterwards, we headed for the Bal Harbor, a place designed in an exceptionally natural way. I can tell it sincerely that I was really impressed. This is a tropical shopping mall, where the world’s most expensive brands are situated. Everything was perfect, like pools full of big fish and turtles roaming around them, palms, trees colored with each shades of green… We had a coffee break after our shopping. Our next destination was downtown, as we also wanted to see the city center. This was just like what we know about any city center; skyscrapers, subways… However, when we got there, everywhere was as silent as the grave and there was a police car on every corner. Hanging around a little bit, we noticed that many people were at the Miami Heat’s basketball match. When it finished, people flooded through the streets again.

On our fifth day, we wanted to spend some time on the beach and swim in the ocean. I also wished to take some unforgettable photos. I needed perfect photos for the frames I bought. After these, we met a friend and had a chat while drinking our coffees. As for dinner, we ate something delicious with Jack Daniel’s sauce at my husband’s favorite place, TGIF. Every day was full of fun. After a week in the Caribbean, this place was totally different, yet just as pleasant. Compared to the other states I have visited, Florida was quite different.

And the last day came! It was time to leave and a long journey was waiting for us. However, we still had time to spend until 5:00 p.m. To get the orders and complete our last shopping, we went to Ross, T.J. Maxx and Best Buy. After finishing this, we headed for the airport by taxi. There is one last thing I want to talk about. We chose Alitalia as the company for our journey but I should say that, unfortunately, we were less than pleased with them, especially their treats. We didn’t have the chance to eat something before catching the Rome flight connecting to Istanbul. After 3 hours of flying, in addition to the time spent before it, the only thing they offered us were crackers. We couldn’t have received the same hospitality as Turkish Airlines. I guess this was my first, but last, journey with Alitalia.

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