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Aylin Öney Tan

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The magical summer nights of Istanbul are not far away. Tonight and tomorrow is the time to celebrate Hıdrellez, the last of spring rituals and an opportunity to welcome summer. A totally different experience will be taking place at Maslak Uniq on May 5 and 6 evening. The concept is a night picnic, the first ever in Istanbul, starting from 6 p.m. on both evenings till 1 a.m. at midnight. Picnic baskets will be provided by the organization; all one has to do is find a good spot to lay down on under the magical lanterns, or swing in a hammock, listen to live music and enjoy the night, with an amazing range of tasty morsels at your disposal. No picnic is complete without active participation, so you are welcome to participate in dance shows, grab a street food and continue following a street musician, or play games. Do not miss the announcements for lucky raffles for surprise gifts. Sponsored by Renault, organized by Hybrid, and a yemek.com and yemeksepeti.com partnership, the tickets are all inclusive for 125 Turkish Liras for one night, or combined ticket for 180 liras at Biletix.com.


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