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AA photo

AA photo

Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Head Mehmet Görmez has condemned the beating of a student in a Quran class in the Marmara province of Sakarya on May, 2016, after footage showing a religion teacher beating the student went viral on social media.

Görmez said the teacher was removed from his post, stating that an investigation into the incident was launched by the Diyanet after the incident.

“The incident that occurred in a Quran class in Sakarya on May, 2016 does not represent the religion, religious education and education methods of the Diyanet,” he said.

Görmez apologized to children who were exposed to the footages on social media.

“Necessary legal and moral measures have been taken to prevent situations like this from happening. A society that harms its children cannot present a solid future for them, and unless one does not prioritize the wellbeing of a child, then they cannot protect divine trust,” he added.   

Meanwhile, the teacher was arrested on Jan. 15 in Sakarya’s Erenler district, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported. The suspect confessed to his crime in his testimony. 

“The student was being trained as a Quran reciter from June, 2015 to May, 2016. I did not slap him or beat him up 10 to 15 times, as claimed. I just beat him once with a slipper and that was when they videoed me. I beat him because he had not done his homework. I made a mistake,” he said.


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