AFRICA >Three killed, seven rescued after Turkish cargo ship sinks off Libya coast


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The bodies of three members of a Turkish cargo ship have been retrieved and seven others were rescued after the ship sank a few miles off Libya’s Misurata port on March 16. Rescue efforts for another three are ongoing, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported.

The TINAZTEPE S, carrying cargo from the Turkish island of Marmara, sank at around 11:51 a.m. on March 16 due to heavy storms and poor naval conditions while it was attempting to drop anchor at the Misurata Port, the Batu Shipping company said in a statement. 

Earlier, the company said eight members of the crew had been rescued.

“There were a total of 13 members of the crew and eight were rescued. The treatment of two rescued members of the crew is continuing in the hospital. All the rescued members of the crew are in a stable condition. All of their needs are provided by our agency. All proceedings for their extradition to the country are continuing with urgency following the completion of the required legal process,” it had stated.

Batu Shipping also stated that the Libyan authorities are continuing search and rescue work for the missing members of the crew.

A representative for the company has also set out for Libya to meet the rescued members of the crew and monitor rescue efforts, it added.

The company said it is maintaining contact with the Turkish Foreign Ministry as well as consulate representatives in Libya and the Transport Ministry.

Previously, a Libyan navy spokesman told Agence France-Presse that the ship was about 2-2.5 nautical miles from shore when it radioed a call seeking help.

“The search is underway for the missing ... but the sea is very rough and the waves are high,” General Ayoub Qassem had said.

According to information on the Batu Shipping website, the TINAZTEPE S was built on Feb. 15, 1984.


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