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The Tsunami and Cherry Blossom

Long or short, documentaries have usually been my favourite. Especially, when combined with a strong drama without creating any agitation. The movie I’ll write about on today’s blog is one of them. I was  longing to blog on it however I could not get access to the movie.

Directed by Lucy Walker, who was nomitated for Oscar  and awarded in many festivals with “Waste Land” (2010), The Tsunami and Cherry Blossom is a short documentary shoot in Japan, where the victims of 2011 tsunami are trying to survive and find hope through the Sakura, cherry blossom. We can split the movie into two parts as title refers. The tsunami in 2011 caused many deaths and survivors lost their home with little hope to continue. Apart from that, many of them living close to a nuclear plant are facing another threat. The community is under a big stress and they are trying to find hope in their daily life.

The second part becomes the “hope” part in the story as it talks about the Japan’s beloved flower. Being the symbol of beauty, cherry blossom is an important figure in Japanese culture. It’ the announcement of season change and people organize blossom viewing parties to celebrate this. The victims tell stories about cherry blossom and explain how beautiful nature is besides having catastrophic effects. This duality gives people hope and actually make me realize how Japanese people who have been through many catastrophes find the courage to go on and can re-create everything. Another significant trait they have and try to sustain is their ability to unite and effort to sustain it. This trait is quite encouracing as in many countries, even in Turkey, the power of solidarity is  underestimated. We are friendly, try to help however something is still missing. For me, missing part is “belief” in ourselves and our own power. Watch the movie to see what is missing from your point of view.

Official website: http://thetsunamiandthecherryblossom.com/


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