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Party season starts!

As the New Year gets closer, you have to start to think about what you will wear. What is your plan, a party at the club, a family dinner at home or a cheerful pajama party with your friends? Whatever your preference is, the important thing is to welcome the New Year by having fun. If you plan a home party, you should prefer low-key and literal selections. However, if you attend a concept party, it is up to you to be the most attractive person. Don’t forget, being the most attractive one does not mean to glorify your décolleté and your make up; it is just to be shabby-chic, which is hidden in the details.
Let the Party begin…

Don’t wait for an invitation to start dancing; the only thing you need to do is select the most glaring costume.

Get fringed…

Fringes attached to details wait to accompany your breeze. These attachments will move whenever you step and take your breath away.

Catch up with dark lipstick fashion…

You need to create smooth and pure skin, because the focus point will be your face when using lipstick with attractive tones.

Don’t forget basic style principles…

Golden colors are almost always ready for exaggeration. If your outfit is plain, your accessories should be equally free. Body jewelry has been very popular for a few seasons. For example, you may have a belly chain if you have a short top, and you may wear a şahmeran ring (combined ring and bracelet) with many thin rings on your fingers. Your small purses can be like a disco ball, but be careful they are large enough to hold keys, lipstick and a credit card so that you won’t need to search for them at the end of the night.

Single piece elegancy…

We suggest rumpers for the ones who think their legs are not beautiful enough; now, they are really attractive. Strapless pieces that reveal the shoulders will work overtime this month, but don’t forget to take a friend with you when you visit the loo since this is a single piece.

If you want to be crisp from top to toe, silvery or patent leather shoes will be the best for you! You may complete your bright mini-dress with thigh-high boots. A small tip, if you don’t want to have pain in the later hours of the night, choose comfortable ones.

A wish for the New Year…

Don’t forget to put on your red underwear before you begin dressing.

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