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Modacruz: The Facebook of Fashion

After spending a significant amount of time overseas, including in the U.S., Modacruz founder Melis Güçtaş realized that something was missing in her native country of Turkey: the ability to buy designer clothing at affordable prices. Designer pieces can already cost an arm and a leg, but in Turkey the taxes added to designer clothing can make the prices skyrocket, to sometimes double the original cost. While in the U.S., Melis specifically noticed shops and websites dedicated to selling gently worn, like-new, used designer pieces, and she wondered if the concept could be replicated in Turkey. Six months ago she began developing the idea further by doing market research and building a web and e-commerce site under the name Modacruz, which officially launched in November 2013. “I knew it would be a challenge to teach this new culture [selling second-hand goods],” states Melis, but she adds, “I want Turks to experience and be in reach of quality and affordable clothing.” Through Modacruz, Melis is the first person in Turkey to launch an online shopping site dedicated to re-selling only designer goods. Additionally, she has reconfigured the selling and buying experience by melding fashion with social media. “People are already uploading pictures of their clothing and goods on other sites and wanting to show them off,” she explains, and Modacruz gives those people who want to show off their fashion sense a community for sharing, selling and buying what they have. 

Photo by Modacruz

The nuts and bolts of the process are: 1) you need to start a profile at Modacruz's website; 2) after reading the rules on what you are allowed and not allowed to sell (right now the site is for women's clothing and accessories only and the selling of fake items is strictly prohibited), you can upload four pictures of the item you want to sell, along with a description, original price and selling price; 3) after the sale, the seller has three days to ship the item (at the cost of the buyer who pays upon arrival), and the buyer has three days to approve the item. If the item is not as stated, the buyer can contact Modacruz within the three day period and send the item back for a refund. 

To start a Modacruz account, and to list items, is free of cost. If any item is listed and sold, the seller pays a 20% fee on each item, which goes toward taxes, bank fees and a commission to Modacruz. 

Melis hopes that with Modacruz the act of buying and selling used, designer goods will become more common in Turkey, and eventually Modacruz will be known as the “Facebook of fashion.” To this end, Melis and her team are creating a smartphone app to make uploading and/or buying items easier. She also hopes to expand her business to include men's clothing and baby clothing. 

To learn more about Modacruz and start selling/buying items, check it out on the web at: 





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