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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul Show

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul Spring/Summer 2015 Collections Show, which we had awaited with excitement, came and left like a wind in a spectacular event. Both brands and stylists had the opportunity to present their collections in the “Runway” and “Studio” fields, both in creative presentations and in mini fashion parades at the event.

The following stylists exhibited their Spring/Summer 2015 collections at Istanbul Fashion Week, among many others: Hatice Gökçe, Z. by Zeynep Devooght, Meltem Özbek, DB Berdan, Aslı Güler, Ece Gözen, Niyazi Erdoğan, Raisa& Vanessa Sason, Red Beard by Tanju Babacan, İpek Arnas, Selim Baklacı, Merve Bayındır, Emre Erdemoğlu, Simay Bülbül, Zeynep Tosun, Selma State, Önder Özkan, Benan Bal, New Gen I-II, Kith&Kin, Ayşe Deniz Yeğin, Maid in Love, Özgür Masur, Çiğdem Akın, Nazlı Soylu, Özlem Erkan, Nej, Ilja, Tuğba Ergin, Les Benjamins, Mehtap Elaidi, Ekria+White Posture, Burçe Bekrek, Giray Sepin, Zeynep Erdoğan, Gülçin Çengel, Hakan Akkaya.

The elaborative collection styled by the Raisa&Vanessa siblings, which they named “WALK INTO THE WILDSIDE,” was presented in an extraordinary fashion parade that energized spectators with an outstanding atmosphere and accompanying music.

Collections with Western themes were presented in a special model town established in Istanbul training school of the Sipahi Ocağı Riding Centre. The collection, which took spectators to a fantasy world, contained 41 pattern designs that underlined effeminacy with colourful textures, bell-bottomed trousers, and detailed needlework in thread and lace.

We are always champing at the bit to see the seasonal pattern designs of Zeynep Tosun, and this time she presented her collection named “Street Couture” in the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, with the accompaniment of golden yellow autumn leaves. Needle works, transparent details, cage dresses, and voluminous skirts included in Tosun’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Haute Couture collection were presented with retro 1960s hairstyles.

Hande Çokrak, who was voted creator of the season in the “Who's Next” exhibition in Paris last year, presented a collection in Istanbul named “Don't Kill my Joy” for the brand “Maid in Love.” In styling this collection, she was inspired by the lively, colourful and dynamic social life of the 1980s.  Çokrak, who knows to combine the street style with 3D modern textures in candy colors succeeded in reflecting her personal pop world to us: Pineapples, colorful wigs, balloons... Her message is very clear: “Don’t kill my joy.”

And Özgür Masur! This time, the stylist presented a collection in the Couture style, a wonderful collection using pastel colors comprised of patterns from long satin dresses with deep v-necks to inlaid patterns. The presentation of his 2015 Spring/Summer collection was held in the Rahmi Koç Museum with the mode and meaning he tries to reflect, in the power of expression of the identity that suits him well.

Les Benjamins is a brand that has become popular and made a distinguished international name for itself in recent times with creative collections. The slogan “Paix,” which means “Peace” in French, was chosen as Les Benjamins’ catchword for its 2015 Spring/Summer collections. Bulk trousers, camouflage patterns, and ironic and humorous t-shirts were presented to spectators on a runway, which was transformed into a military camp.

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