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The internationally known culinary art institution, Le Cordon Bleu, hosted its “Gastronomy Trends 2017” seminar in Istanbul with the participation of its international alumni, chef instructors and gastronomy visionaries. 

“The new trend all around the world is ‘Global-Local,’” said Emil Minev, the Culinary Director of Le Cordon Bleu London, who came to Istanbul to attend the seminar. 

“Chefs are using global techniques and the techniques are being refined by new technologies every day, but ingredients are getting more and more local. We chefs do not like to be labeled as ‘fusion’ or ‘molecular’ anymore; we just want to know whether the experience we give guests is excellent or not,” Minev said. 

Aylin Yazıcıoğlu, the chef-owner of Nicole Restaurant; Tolga Özkaya, the executive chef of The Marmara Collection Hotels; and Ufuk Ügümü, the chef-owner of Kruvasan, all contributed to the discussion in Istanbul, noting that respecting one’s own roots is just as valuable as perfecting refined foods. 

“We see culinary art, like any form of art, as a notion that flourishes by sharing. We think globally and cook globally but we respect locally. Labeling tears us apart but sharing brings us together,” the director of Le Cordon Bleu Turkey, Defne Ertan Tüysüzoğlu, said in her closing speech.

After the talk, all participants went to the kitchen ateliers to prepare a plate from the new menu of the restaurants of Chef-Alumni, with all plates shared on a long table.


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