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BARTIN – Anadolu Agency

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The condition of three animal rights activists, who have gone on hunger strike on Feb. 19 in the northern province of Bartın in order to draw attention to violence against stray animals, has been deteriorating.
Ayşe Köse, 46, Uğurcan Saban, 18, and Sevim Arkan, 44, have gone on hunger strike to bring an end to the mistreatment of animals such as poisoning, violence and rape. They demand that such kinds of violence should be criminalized under the Turkish Penal Code. 

Arkan said they would continue their strike until death. 

“The only thing we ask is that people who commit violence against these animals should be punished. People tell us to stop the strike. Why should I? I will continue until the end. We have no more power to stand, we only consume tea and water,” Arkan said.
Köse said they requested legal protection for stray animals. “The distinction between stray animals and the ones which have owners should be removed in article 5199. Prison sentence should be given to every kind of mistreatment against stray animals. Lawmakers and non-governmental organizations should come together as soon as possible and make this law. We ask for the life standards of stray animals to be improved,” she said.

She said their action did not have a political purpose and that they embodied the conscience of stray animals in Turkey.


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