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ISTANBUL- Doğan News Agency

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AA photo

AA photo

Pixee Fox, known as the “human Barbie,” landed in Istanbul on June 16 for her 18th aesthetic operation, in her ongoing quest to look like a Barbie doll.

Fox chose Istanbul as her next destination for an upcoming operation, known as the “non-surgical spider web.”
She was welcomed by hospital officials at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport after her arrival from the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Upon her arrival, Fox said she was “very excited” about the operation, adding that she would be staying in Istanbul for three days.

“I came to meet up with the doctor who will conduct the operation. I’m excited to be here. I came to Istanbul for a holiday seven years ago. The weather was very nice and I liked it a lot, so I can definitely recommend it for a holiday. I think the operation will be a good one. It is related to skin-resurfacing and face-lifting. I will learn about more details from the doctors and I’m very excited. I’ve had 17 operations so far and this will be the 18th,” Fox said.

The “human Barbie” previously underwent surgery including eye implants, breast augmentation and rib removal. 

She is now preparing to share updates on her latest “spider web” experience with her online followers.


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