HEALTH >Fears of bird flu in Turkey grow after second suspected case


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DHA photo

DHA photo

Turkish officials have launched a bird flu investigation in a Central Anatolian town, one day after authorities confirmed an incident in the country’s north, quarantining a village. 

The inspection was launched in the town of Sazlıca in Niğde after an animal breeder reported 100 chicken deaths on his farm, according to Doğan news agency. 

Officials from the provincial Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate took samples from the dead chickens to conduct further analyses for the bird flu virus. 

The family living on the farm and locals residing in nearby areas were given medication as a precaution. The animals on the nearby farms were also given treatment.

Officials stopped all vehicles at the town entrance and exit to disinfect them to bring the suspected virus under control. 

The April 27 measures come one day after authorities quarantined the village of Doğantepe in Tokat’s Reşadiye district after a bird flu case was confirmed. 

Local authorities have confirmed that one of the chickens in the village died of bird flu. In order to contain the virus, the authorities slaughtered 90 poultry.

Humans typically catch bird flu by coming into direct contact with infected poultry, but experts fear the virus may mutate into a form easily transmittable between people, potentially sparking a pandemic.


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