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The new collection from House of Div, founded by Turkish architect Gülşah Surel Erdem, has won awards at the A’Design Award & Competition, which aims to highlight the world’s best designs, design concepts and design-oriented products in all creative disciplines and industries.

The collection, titled “Enchanted Caftans,” was awarded in the category for jewelry, eyewear and watch design. In the collection, an enchanted bowl ring won the gold award while an enchanted necklace won the silver award. 

The collection, which was launched in February by House of Div, takes inspiration from history. 

House of Div is a lifestyle brand inspired by architectural history, philosophy and symbolism and comes to life through modern interpretations of traditional craftsmanship.

Its designs have become charm symbols for many people due to the fact that each collection has a unique source of inspiration and background story.

For the collection, the founder and creative director of the brand, Erdem, was inspired by the enchanted shirts worn by Ottoman sultans and soldiers to protect themselves from the evil eye, regain health or emerge victoriously in war. Within a short time, the creative collection has received a large degree of interest and appreciation. 

Erdem founded House of Div in 2014 to gather her designs that blend her interest in philosophy, architectural history and symbolism with her architectural experience and present them to design enthusiasts.

The designer enjoys being a part of the whole process, from the start of an idea to the establishment of the story and from the preparations of molds to production.

The designer said she believed that everything made with love would “sparkle,” which means “div” in Sanskrit.

Love for Anatolian people 

Speaking about why she became a designer after 20 years of architecture, Erdem said: “I always loved to produce with my hands. I started designing when I painted mussel shells with my grandmother’s nail polish.” 
Erdem said House of Div was born through her love for the Anatolian people, nature and history and blended with the vision and skills from her past as an architect.

She said she also enjoyed being a part of the whole process, from the start of an idea to the preparations of molds to the production and the presentation.

With no boundaries regarding her designs, Erdem said she expected customers to be open to surprises in regards to “House of Div” products.


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