HEALTH >Cardiac drugs sent to Health Ministry on suspicion of being fake after it failed to dissolve


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A man living in the western province of Manisa has applied to the provincial pharmacy unit of a health directorate after cardiac drugs failed to dissolve in his body within 24 hours on suspicion of being fake, which ultimately prompted its transference to the Health Ministry for examination, Doğan News Agency has reported.

Çağlar Çil, 36, had undergone open-heart surgery twice in 2014 and was prescribed hypertension drugs to ease pumping blood, which he had used over the past two years. Following the surgery, he was also provided prosthesis cardiac valve. However, Çil claimed that he suffered from constipation after using the drugs that were prescribed to him in November. He later realized that the drug excreted in feces without dissolving, a process that should normally last six minutes.

He said the drug looked like plastic unlike his previous cardiac medicines. He also consulted his doctor before applying to the Manisa provincial health directorate’s pharmacy unit on suspicion that the drug might have been fake. They then ultimately transferred the drug to the Health Ministry for detailed examination.

Çil said he would file a lawsuit into the incident. “This drug is constantly triggering my illness. It is a different feeling to live with the constant fear of death. I am living my life dependent on this drug. All my life is dependent on these drugs,” he said.

An official from the provincial pharmacy unit claimed that the problem was not caused by pharmacies but it was the fault of drug firms and problems in their production lines.


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