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Merkel Interview

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Merkel Interview

Heavy rainfall again causes flash flooding in Istanbul

Whirlwind observed in Istanbul's Beykoz

Fire breaks out at Istanbul’s Haydarpaşa port after heavy rainfall

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Civilians leave Silvan as clashes continue on 10th day of curfew

Senegalese man thrown off balcony in Istanbul after fight in queue

Turkish General Staff releases footage from the first anniversary of Atatürk’s death

Villagers in eastern Turkey make $200,000 selling meteorites

Police fire water cannon at students protesting anniversary of YÖK’s founding

20 ISIL suspects detained in Antalya ahead of G-20 summit

Istanbul shopping stampede in VIP invite prompts social media storm

Turkey’s Changemakers: A scientist chasing nature

Footage reveals Syrian rebels using caged captives as 'human shields'

Caretaker of Bugün newspaper fires journalists over ‘difference of opinion’

Two television channels cut to black amid police raid

VIDEO: Footage shows Istanbul’s historic Galata quarter in early 1930s

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