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Merkel Interview

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Merkel Interview

Heavy rainfall again causes flash flooding in Istanbul

Whirlwind observed in Istanbul's Beykoz

Fire breaks out at Istanbul’s Haydarpaşa port after heavy rainfall

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VIDEO: Bosphorus briefly closed to maritime traffic due to fog

Turkey's Changemakers: Come on friends, let’s do science

VIDEO: 3,000 civilians start marching toward Cizre in protest of curfew

VIDEO: Turkish police fire tear gas, water cannon at group in Istanbul protesting southeast clashes

VIDEO: Police fire water cannon on group protesting curfew amid clashes in Turkey’s southeast

VIDEO: Russian naval cargo ship traverses Bosphorus

VIDEO: Cizre residents protest clashes, curfew with pots and pans

VIDEO: US battleship passes through Bosphorus

Civilians flee their homes in southeastern Şırnak amid clashes

Violence erupts in Diyarbakır ahead of rally to protest new curfew in Sur district

Turkey’s Changemakers: Turkey’s first and only fact-checker

New video shows Diyarbakır Bar Association head seconds before he was shot dead

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