What is the future of the Turkish automotive industry?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

The Turkish government is hell-bent over producing a national car brand. There are various reasons for that, but most importantly, having a national car brand would decrease the country’s trade deficit.

Comment(s) 6/22/2017

The importance of STEM-A for Turkey

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Two days ago, the Turkish Business and Industry Association (TÜSİAD) held a conference about STEM-A education and what it means for Turkey. At the end of the report, they had some suggestions as well. The report was prepared in collaboration with PWC.

Comment(s) 6/15/2017

Why Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, why?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Being an entrepreneur is difficult. You don’t have a steady income for a long time when you start up a company.

Comment(s) 6/1/2017

Let’s change the internet

ERSU ABLAK writes:

We refer to the inventor of something as the “father” of it when we know for a fact that the person is behind the invention.

Comment(s) 5/25/2017

You wannacry, don’t you?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

It has been a frustrating month for all IT executives around the globe. They were faced with the most devastating attack on IT systems that they had ever seen.

Comment(s) 5/18/2017

What it takes to create the future?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

For the first time in a long while, I was very happy recently with what I saw on the Twitter’s trending topic list. Finally something other than politics, sports or entertainment news had made it to the top. Kale Holding was at the top because of its recent deal with Rolls-Royce.

Comment(s) 5/11/2017

Wikipedia and Turkey

ERSU ABLAK writes:

The first time Wikipedia made the news in Turkey was when its founder Jimmy Wales came to Turkey for a keynote speech back in 2008.

Comment(s) 5/4/2017

The new TUSİAD is about women and technology

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Ever since Erol Bilecik became president of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD), the institution has concentrated more on women’s issues and technology

Comment(s) 4/27/2017

The real power of social media

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Sometimes it is best to follow global news to understand the real workings of any phenomenon.

Comment(s) 4/13/2017

Something good is happening at the PTT

ERSU ABLAK writes:

As a child, it was one of my favorite things to go the post office and see whether any new stamps had arrived or not.

Comment(s) 4/6/2017

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