Onar Photo Contest: 'The Strength of Women in Turkey'

ONAR, Yabancı Uyruklu Kadınları Destekleme Derneği, is a Turkish multicultural NGO that works to empower women and fight against Gender Based Violence. ONAR believes in collaboration over competition; for this reason we promote support, collaboration and endorsement among women. ONAR also strongly believes in the collaboration and inclusion of men in order to fight the gender inequality and Gender Based Violence. Our activities focus on awareness and prevention by providing psychological and legal support to women that suffered of violence situation and have limited access to help because of their limited Turkish knowledge. We also promote empowerment and awareness education in universities and schools. We have our own campaign and festival with the motto "Raise your Woice - Empower Women, Empower the World!" ONAR decided to launch “The Strength of Women in Turkey” photo contest as a way to promote women's empowerment through the art of photography. We decided to focus on women living in Turkey, both Turkish and foreigners, to celebrate all the women living in the country and contributing to Turkish society. The 12 photos we selected represent different faces of the strength of women in Turkey. As a coincidence, most of the authors of the selected photos are also women. The winning photo, entitled “Jump”, with lightness shows a woman strong enough to jump in the light away from a shadow that seems to want to hold her back. Second place went to "Tea worker", which shows the strength of a young woman and the grace she puts in the exhausting work she does. The third place went to “On Galata bridge”, which shows a woman off the beaten track as she does a typical male activity in Turkey.

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